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Please note: online bookings for Social Darts are limited to 1 hour reservations; online booking for Social Darts is only available for groups up to 10 guests with limited availability. If there is no availability listed, please contact our Sales team directly at (312) 284-2474

Incredible experiences, built effortlessly to bring groups of up to 500 guests together.

Currently the maximum group size per oche is 10 people, any groups larger please note you will be in separate oches.

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Due to an abundance of caution in protecting our team & guests during the pandemic, we are not accepting walk-ins at this time, only advance reservation.

Advance oche reservations are available for groups of up to 10. Want to enhance your reservation with food & beverage? Contact our sales team today!

60 Min: $40

Children over the age of twelve can play before 4pm and must be accompanied by an adult, and kids must be over the age of eighteen to play after 4pm.

Guests must be 21+ after 6pm.

For information on our policies, here are links to our privacy policy, cookie policy and terms and conditions

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This means that first and foremost we are prioritizing the safety & health of our guests and employees by following all CDC & OSHA rules & guidelines. We have always held ourselves to a rigorous standard of cleanliness and safety but we have revisited and rethought every single potential point of contact, from how we take in deliveries, to how we prepare your food, to how we play darts, and how we will take orders and serve our guests. We will enforce all guidelines and best practices for safety as laid out in our FAQ with all guests. We want you to have FUN while also remaining safe!

YES. Until we receive further direction from the state, please bring a mask and wear it when you check in. You will also be expected to wear it if you leave your oche or table space. You will automatically be given seating with your reservation- please note that under current city mandates, you must be seated if you are eating and drinking, but of course can stand to play.

We are providing locally-sourced hand-sanitizer in every oche and throughout the venue. The hand-sanitizer follows the World Health Organization’s formula of 80% alcohol. In Boston, Bully Boy distillery is providing our hand sanitizer, and in Chicago we have sanitizer from Chicago Spirit Distillery. We will also provide disinfectant wipes if at any time a guest feels they need to clean an item that has been shared between their group. We have switched out our air hand dryers for disposable towels in the bathrooms. We are sanitizing bathrooms, including sinks, locks, handles and stalls every 30 min with an even deeper professional clean prior to opening each day. We have also designated circulation paths with social distancing floor markers throughout the venue to help guide you around the venue without coming face to face with another customer.

Yes. For now, we will be reservation only in order to better facilitate planning out our space for best social distancing. Length of reservations will no longer be extended due to late arrival. Please see FAQ on check in process for why.

Our biggest concern is avoiding a crowd at the check in desk. To that end, we will be introducing a "Tee Time" system. Our reservations will be staggered so no group arrives at the same time. If you miss your reservation time, you will be given the next available reservation slot. We will instruct guests making reservations to have their group wait outside and send 1 representative inside to check in at reception. Your host will let you where your oche is and get you sorted with darts, and then escort you to your oche. We ask that groups arrive together at the same time, in order to prevent staggered arrivals that could cause congestion at entry.

We are sanitizing the entire oche between each reservation & have built in buffers between reservations to accommodate this. This includes booths, chairs, millwork, tables, seating, ledges, touchscreens and dartboards. We are using medical grade disinfectant and an electro-static sprayer to fully ensure everything is covered.

Yes. Darts will be sterilized, disinfected and sealed prior to use by each group. We have invested in a commercial grade UV lighting cabinet for our gaming equipment to keep it sterile. Darts will be provided to you in a sealed bag.

We are offering several options on food ordering to ensure minimal contact is needed between you and our staff. You can opt to pre-order food and beverage through our website’s booking system, and your food will automatically be brought out when you’ve arrived and had time to settle in. You can also order in venue, through your personal cell phone via QR code. Simply open up your camera app and point it at the QR code and you will be able to view the menu and order. Not into using a cell phone? We will have touchscreens available as well in oche, that will be sanitized between each use. Each of these options allows you to pay electronically without having to sign a check. If that does not work for you- we will still take cards, but we ask for the time being to not pay by cash as that is a higher risk for our staff.

While capacity is limited, it is fairly simple for us to seat people every other oche so no group of customers is next to another. As restrictions are lifted and we are allowed more capacity, we have installed physical dividers in the places we feel will be difficult to keep socially distanced, this will help keep groups in their own spaces as well as providing a physical barrier to respiratory droplets.

We are proud that we have always offered paid sick leave to all employees. We believe doing this takes away the pressure to show up for work while sick, and encourages them to quarantine if need be. For each shift, they will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire that reminds them of all the COVID19 symptoms as laid out by the CDC. This serves both as a tool for them to affirm they are not sick, and a way to remind them of all the symptoms to self-monitor. Additionally, they will be getting their temperature taken before each shift and no employee with a temperature of 99 degrees or above will be allowed to work again until tested with a negative result.

We are providing both disposable and reusable forms of PPE in the forms of masks, face shields, and gloves. We are providing training and coaching on how to clean and manage their PPE for best results, following OSHA guidelines. For each shift, we are staggering employee arrival times and duties so they are never gathered in the employee areas. We have mapped alternative routes for them that avoid areas customers walk through. We have employed technology such as pre-ordering and contactless ordering in order to reduce the staffing needed for a given shift so employees can stay properly socially distanced at all times. We have reviewed food and beverage delivery from staff to customer to ensure proper distancing and minimal contact. Employees-only areas including offices, locker rooms, bathrooms, and back hallways will all be professionally sanitized between every shift.

Our staff are always required to be certified via ServSafe for Food Handling & Alcohol. We have added mandatory COVID19 ServSafe training and certification as well, which all employees will have time to complete prior to Flight Club’s re-opening. These courses are offered in multiple languages to ensure all staff members can be trained in the language they feel most comfortable in.

Each oche and table will be cleaned between every reservation. That includes tables, millwork, chairs, ledges, gaming equipment, touchscreens, etc. All high-touch areas like door handles, drinkrails, bathrooms, etc will be sanitized every 30 minutes. We will do a professional cleaning every single night provided by Advanced Cleaning Technologies, utilizing EPA approved disinfectant product to combat COVID19.

We use products provided by Advanced Cleaning Technologies- all EPA approved and formulated to medical grade to combat COVID19. The main disinfectant in use is Betco PH7Q and Betco PH7Q dual. Microfiber cloths will be used and cleaned between each use. This includes daily fogging to ensure all areas are covered and disinfected.

We will have wrapped straws and drink stirrers available upon request for anyone who does not want to sip from glassware.

We have revamped our menus completely in order to cut down on prep and handling as much as possible. We have the ability to make any shareable item an individual portion upon request. Our kitchen processes have been revamped to space out the cooks, and cooks will be required to wear full PPE including mask, face shield, and disposable gloves throughout their shift. We already have numerous, easily accessible hand wash stations and use commercial grade disinfecting cleaning product in our dishwashing system and in our soap dispensers in the kitchen area. Food runners will be utilizing carts and trays to minimize their contact with plates, and will be required to don new disposable gloves for food pick up through to delivery in oche or table.

We cannot allow any outside cakes or any other type of food or beverage at this time.

Yes! We are very excited to launch a full carry out menu that is crafted both for individuals and for safe socializing at home, whether it be with cautious friends, or family and roommates. We also have delivery options via Doordash and Uber Eats. You can access our carry out menu on our website. We also have gift cards you can purchase via phone and come pick up as well.

Flight Club Stories are the highlights of your games, videos, photos & final leaderboard scores emailed to you the next day.

We store video content privately on Vimeo, while photos are stored securely on our servers.

We'll only ever use your data to build your personalised Story. We never share data with third parties and, where guests choose not to access their Story, we delete it within 28 days.

No problem! If you said 'Yes' to Stories but have changed your mind, just pop our team an email at [email protected] and we'll ensure it's deleted from our system within 24 hours.

We're afraid not. As soon as a guest opts out, we're unable to save any data from your visit or create a Story.

No, this falls under the same rules as our CCTV policy.

Once a Story has been deleted, all of the data is removed from our system and can't be recovered.

Unfortunately, we can't edit parts of your Story, we can only delete it entirely.

Stories are only available for pre-booked events with 1-2 oches or tournaments. Stories are currently unavailable for walk-in guests, pre-booked groups with 3 or more oches & no tournament, and Social Roll-Up.

No – Social Roll-Ups don't generate a booking number which we require to create and send our guests a Story.

Yes. Even if just one guest opts out, then you will not receive a Story from your booking.

Yes – as long as they agree to the privacy policy when they join the booking. If they don't agree, this will cancel your Story.

We are unable to delete or remove Stories which have already been posted to social media.

Unfortunately not. As soon as a guest opts out, we're unable to save any data from your visit or create a Story.

We only include completed games in your Story. If your time in the oche ended before you finished the last game, it won't have been included. Fear not, you can still access your action replays from the Stories menu.

Rhymes with ‘hockey’, it’s your space from the throw line to the dartboard; as well as your own seating area, where you’ll drink, eat and get your game on!

Sadly not, only Flight Club Darts can be used. We have the World’s first and only darts vision system which can only detect our darts. We also insist on one set for health and safety reasons. We have to look after our guests.

We’d always recommend booking in advance. Groups of 10 or less are welcome to book online reservations for up to 1 hour of play.

We recommend arriving at least 5-10 minutes before your slot so we can get you set up and playing as soon as possible.

Children are welcome if you’re just popping by for a bite to eat in the dining area. Children over the age of twelve can play before 4pm and must be accompanied by an adult, and kids must be over the age of eighteen to play after 4pm. Guests must be 21+ after 6pm on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.

We do require you to be wearing clothes, but we don’t mind if you are joining us in your jeans or stepping up to an oche in a suit!

Yes – our building is completely handicap accessible. If you have a guest with any disability in your party, please let us know and we will arrange the best oche for everyone to make the most of the event.

Outside sporting events are not the focus in our venues. We like to save our competition for the oche!

Interested in booking an experience? Call (312) 284-2474 or

"Amazing atmosphere, gorgeous space & the food is delicious!! So much fun!! You can't but be happy there!"
“Flight Club is awesome. I'm a darts player, and I appreciated the automatic scoring (actually accurate) and the twist on classic games. Definitely recommend it! "
"This is such a fun & interactive place to grab drinks with friends. Cocktails & service were wonderful. The high tech darts boards & games were so much fun!! "
"This place has it all! Absolutely beautiful space, delicious food, create drinks, and darts! What more can you ask for? I would recommend this place for anything from a date night to a birthday party because it is impressive, fun, and tasty."
"So much fun! Tasty specialty drinks, good food, great atmosphere and good service!"
Natalie S., Facebook CHICAGO.
"What a fun place to bond with colleagues! Some of us had never played darts but it didn't matter. The night was fun and everyone got to know each other much better. What a great idea for groups to go to just have a fun night out!"
Sandra C., Trip Advisor 5/5 CHICAGO.