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Online booking for Social Darts is available for groups of 2-12 guests. If there is no availability listed, please contact our Sales team directly at (713) 913-0044.  We are 21+ after 6pm Sunday through Friday. On Saturday’s, we are 21+ only.

Incredible experiences, built effortlessly to bring groups of up to 400 guests together.

The minimum group size for event booking 13 people.

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While walk-ins are welcome, availability is not guaranteed. We strongly encourage groups to make advanced reservations. 

Advance oche reservations are available for groups of up to 12. Want to enhance your reservation with food & beverage? Contact our sales team today!

90 Minutes: $12 per person

Flight Club is 21+ on Saturdays.

Sunday – Friday, guests must be 21+ after 6pm.

Children under the age of 12 are welcome in the venue before 6pm but cannot throw darts.

For information on our policies, here are links to our privacy policy, cookie policy and terms and conditions

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While masks are not required, we strongly encourage all guests to wear a mask over their nose and mouth, especially while walking through venue, using the restrooms, and while speaking to any team member or manager. Masks will be provided upon arrival for any guests who does not have one. All Flight Club employees will be wearing masks.

We are providing hand-sanitizer throughout the venue and will also provide disinfectant wipes to any guest that feels they need to clean an item that has been shared between their group. We are sanitizing bathrooms every 30 minutes, including sinks, locks, handles and stalls.

We follow all CDC & OSHA rules and guidelines to ensure the safety & health of our guests and employees. We hold ourselves to a rigorous standard of cleanliness & safety and have considered every single potential point of contact, from how we take in deliveries, to how we prepare your food, how we play darts, and how we will take orders and serve our guests. We want you to have FUN while also remaining safe!

You can opt to pre-order food and beverage through our website’s booking system, and your food will automatically be brought out when you’ve arrived and had time to settle in. You can also order in venue, through your personal cell phone via QR code or directly with a server.

While employees are not required to wear masks, disposable and reusable forms of PPE are provided. We have implemented pre-ordering and contactless ordering to help employees stay better socially distanced, and we have reviewed food and beverage delivery from staff to customer to ensure proper distancing and minimal contact. Employees-only areas including offices, locker rooms, bathrooms, and back hallways will all be professionally sanitized between every shift.

Our staff are always required to be certified via ServSafe for Food Handling & Alcohol. We have added mandatory COVID19 ServSafe training and certification as well, which all employees will have time to complete prior to Flight Club’s re-opening. These courses are offered in multiple languages to ensure all staff members can be trained in the language they feel most comfortable in.

Each oche and table will be cleaned between every reservation. That includes tables, millwork, chairs, ledges, gaming equipment, touchscreens, etc. All high-touch areas like door handles, drink rails, bathrooms, etc. will be sanitized every 30 minutes. We will do a professional cleaning every single night provided by Advanced Cleaning Technologies.

Rhymes with ‘hockey’, it’s your space from the throw line to the dartboard; as well as your own seating area, where you’ll drink, eat and get your game on!

Sadly not, only Flight Club Darts can be used. We have the World’s first and only darts vision system which can only detect our darts. We also insist on one set for health and safety reasons. We have to look after our guests.

We always recommend making a reservation, as walk-in availability is not guaranteed. Online reservations are available for groups of 6-12 people. Groups of 5 or less can only make online reservations for Sundays, but can be taken as walk-ins Monday-Saturday, pending availability. We also cannot guarantee that reservations can be extended due to late arrival, so please plan to arrive on time!

We recommend arriving at least 5-10 minutes before your slot so we can get you set up and playing as soon as possible.

There is a parking garage adjacent to the venue, with an entrance on W. Dallas Street.

Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to throw darts at Flight Club. They are welcome in the venue before 6pm, but cannot throw darts. Children aged 12-18 must be accompanied by an adult to play Social Darts. Sunday - Friday, guests must be 21+ after 6pm. On Saturdays, Flight Club is 21+ all day (patrons under the age of 21 will not be permitted in the venue).

Yes we have 2 spacious patios for those who are done playing but would like to continue to enjoy the Flight Club experience!

We do require you to be wearing clothes, but we don’t mind if you are joining us in your jeans or stepping up to an oche in a suit!

Yes – our building is completely handicap accessible. If you have a guest with any disability in your party, please let us know and we will arrange the best oche for everyone to make the most of the event.

Outside sporting events are not the focus in our venues. We like to save our competition for the oche!

Flight Club Stories are the highlights of your games, videos, photos & final leaderboard scores emailed to you the next day.

We store video content privately on Vimeo, while photos are stored securely on our servers.

We'll only ever use your data to build your personalised Story. We never share data with third parties and, where guests choose not to access their Story, we delete it within 28 days.

We're afraid not. As soon as a guest opts out, we're unable to save any data from your visit or create a Story.

No, this falls under the same rules as our CCTV policy.

Once a Story has been deleted, all of the data is removed from our system and can't be recovered.

Unfortunately, we can't edit parts of your Story, we can only delete it entirely.

Stories are only available for pre-booked events with 1-2 oches or tournaments. Stories are currently unavailable for walk-in guests, pre-booked groups with 3 or more oches & no tournament, and Social Roll-Up.

No – Social Roll-Ups don't generate a booking number which we require to create and send our guests a Story.

Yes. Even if just one guest opts out, then you will not receive a Story from your booking.

Yes – as long as they agree to the privacy policy when they join the booking. If they don't agree, this will cancel your Story.

We are unable to delete or remove Stories which have already been posted to social media.

Unfortunately not. As soon as a guest opts out, we're unable to save any data from your visit or create a Story.

We only include completed games in your Story. If your time in the oche ended before you finished the last game, it won't have been included. Fear not, you can still access your action replays from the Stories menu.

Interested in booking an experience? Call (713) 913-0044 or

Amazing food! Great service, and awesome dartboards. Go! Go! Go!
Jim, Facebook 5/5 Houston.
Great place for happy hour with multiple dart games including replays of the winning shot.
Mary, Google 5/5 Houston.
We had an opportunity go here as a team from work and had an absolute blast! You don’t need to be an expert to have fun! The food was delicious too!
Sherman, Google 5/5 Houston.
LOVE this elevated bar with darts. Fun spot for drinks and food. Perfect for a fun date night and also for team building events. Staff was helpful and attentive. The drinks and food were yummy! Free parking available in parking garage.
Alley, Google 5/5 Houston.
This place was awesome! The digital darts was so fun, the drinks were tasty, and the food was absolutely delicious. The ambiance is a cool, laid-back vibe that's perfect for hanging out with friends and enjoying a little friendly competition.
Stacy, Yelp 5/5 Houston.
The place is gorgeous! If you’re looking to explore a new place in town with a group of friends, this is it! It’s very spacious. I love that you can have drinks and eat, then play darts. Or do it all at once! If you’re a cocktail person, try “The Butterfl
Carlazeli , Google 5/5 Houston.